Branded trains

branded trainsThe history of branded trains at Russian Railways goes back to more than 70 years. To May 10, 1931, to be precise, when the Company set off the first branded train "Strela" (Arrow) on its maiden journey.

Nowadays, our branded trains offer a high standard of service, design, comfort and additional services.

Each train is decorated in a unique style reflected both in its exterior and in its interior design. And each has its unique name displayed on the side of the carriage or on the route indicator. Most trains are air-conditioned and have electric heating and TVs. Some also have Internet connections and cable television.

Our attendants have obtained the special qualifications needed to work on our branded corporate trains and wear uniforms individually tailored to each employee. Our staff are always available to offer passengers hot tea or coffee drinks, make the beds, provide all necessary information en route and hand out periodicals and safety belts to passengers. Those working at international routes have basis command of English, German or French languages.

Each branded train also offers a range of additional paid services.


Branded trains include carriages offering superior comfort and service, which is included in the fare. The carriages providing extra comfort are divided into economy and business class, depending the range of services offered, which include:

  • food (a menu of 12-14 items with 3-5 hot meals on offer);
  • a set of bed linen and two towels;
  • publications (newspapers, magazines);
  • a personal vanity bag (soap, napkins, etc.);
  • additional security measures (trains are accompanied by security units).

Russian Railways has continued to introduce new services on its branded trains, including DVDs/videos, music, computer games etc. Some branded trains also have a children’s game room, an Internet compartment and meeting rooms, as well as compartments where passengers can take showers and iron their clothes etc.

Several branded trains include extra comfort luxury class carriages with 4 compartments per carriage, heated floors and separate showers and toilets.

The fare includes:

  • bed linen and vanity set;
  • hot drinks, hot and cold snacks, dessert.

Meals on trains

Branded trains always have a restaurant car with menu including national dishes and set meals.

Children’s and diet foods can be cooked to order. Passengers with children and people with disabilities may ask the conductor for a waiter and order breakfast, lunch, dinner and other products from the restaurant with delivery to their compartment.

The restaurant car also has special tables for passengers with children and disabled people.

The fare on carriages with extra comfort includes meals delivered to a compartment.

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