High-speed train Strizh

Since June 1, 2015 runs the new high-speed train STRIZH Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod.

Daily about 7 trips a day . Time - 3 hr. 35 min.

STRIZH Day High-Speed Train:

  • 1st сlass sitting compartment – cars №8-9;
  • 2nd сlass sitting compartment – cars №10-18;
  • 1st сlass sleeping compartment – cars №1-5;
  • dining car;
  • cafeteria car.

NB: 1st сlass sleeping compartment is sold as a whole – for 1 or 2 passengers. When buying a ticket you should choose the type of place: for one passenger - bottom, for 2 passengers - the upper and lower position in the same compartment.


  • 1st сlass sleeping compartment – car №1-3: 4000 * rub. for the whole compartment for one passenger, from 5000 rub *. for the whole compartment for 2 passengers. Food and services are included. Compartment is with individual bathroom.
  • 1st сlass sitting compartment - from 2850 rub. for a place (food included).
  • 2nd сlass sitting compartment - from 499 rub.* for 1 place.

* this price is available for a couple trips daily when buy tickets in advance. Exception is trip from Nizhny on Sunday. The number of places is limited.

Check the STRIZH train virtual tour http://3dtour.fpc.ru/strizh/


STRIZH train scheme:

Car numbering when travel from Moscow – 1 to 18. If travel to Moscow – 18 to 1.

Carriage features

  1st сlass sleeping compartment – cars №1-5 Dining car Cafeteria car 1st сlass sitting compartment – cars №8-9 2nd сlass sitting compartment – cars №10-18  


Characteristics of STRIZH train

CharacteristicsSleeping car (5 coupe, 10 seats)first-class carriage (20 seats)car of the second class (36 seats)
Passenger seat

Each compartment includes rest rooms and sanitary facilities.

Each compartment:

  • 2 beds. The lower bed is transformed into two seats,
  • safe, folding table,
  • individual bathroom with shower, sink and composting toilets,
  • socket 220,
  • key card access to the compartment.
  • Individual lighting system
  • audio system,
  • Socket 220,
  • adjustable headrest chair
  • adjustable backrest,
  • adjustable footrest,
  • Individual folding table.
  • Individual lighting system
  • audio system,
  • Socket 220,
  • reclining chairs,
  • Individual folding table.
  • nutrition,
  • bed linen, towels,
  • hygienic set.
  • nutrition,
  • hygienic set.
  • food and beverages (available from the conductor for a fee)


  • air conditioning and heating,
  • environmentally friendly toilet complexes.

Entertainment on the go

  • video monitors,
  • Wi-Fi-internet throughout the entire journey (paid service)
  • personal audio systems.


The train operates the restaurant car. It offers a wide selection of hot dishes, appetizers, salads, desserts, hot and cold drinks.

Сafeteria car

In the cafeteria car you will be offered a diverse range of dishes, snacks, hot and cold drinks.

The route provides drinking water.

In each car you can order coffee, tea and confectionery products, publications, souvenirs and other items (for a fee).


Safety is provided by staff security structures or traffic police. Operation of the car equipment is controlled by a satellite monitoring system security. All cars are equipped with fire alarms.