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Dear passengers!

Due to the specifics of selling tickets from the Czech railway system on the website of the Russian Railways, 20 seats are being offered for sale on train No.115B Prague – Moscow.

The sale of the remaining seats on this train from the Czech railway system will be made through international ticket offices.

In the absence of available seats on the site, please contact an international ticket office.

Trains to Czech Republic


Train number Route Frequency of service Weekday

21 (404)*

Moscow – Prague 

1 per a week


22 (405)*

Prague – Moscow 

1 per a week


17 (EN409)*

Moscow – Nice

1 per a week


18 (EN408)*

Nice – Moscow

1 per a week


* train number on Railways of Europe.

Services to the following stations are available: Bohumin, Breclav, Ostrava, Hranice na Morave, Olomouc, Zabreh na Morave, Ceska Trebova, Usti nad Orlice, Pardubice, Colin, Prague.

You can check the timetable, fares and availability in the section "Buying tickets". Please specify the departure and destination stations, as well as the travel dates. 

Last update: 20.11.2019