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Train 9/10 Polonaise Moscow - Warsaw

Train 9/10 Polonaise is a joint service of Russian Railways and Polish Railways (PKP), with each company providing one train. Each train includes a dining car: Russian Railways provides a restaurant car between Moscow - Brest – Moscow, while PKP offers a buffet car between Terespol - Warsaw - Terespol.

The carriages are designed for speeds of up to 200 kmph. The trains are equipped with environmentally-friendly toilets. The train crosses the border at Brest at night and at Terespol in the evening on the return leg.

A luxury coach in a Russian Railways Train is available optionally.

Each de-Luxe compartment is equipped with:

  • a sofa that unfolds to a single bed;
  • an additional upper sleeping berth;
  • air conditioning;
  • a bathroom with heated floor;
  • a shower cubicle;
  • LCD television monitors;
  • VCRs with DVD and VHS.


Last update: 22.11.2018