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   new The service for selecting seats/berths on long-distance trains between Finland-Russia is subject to temporary restrictions when an electronic ticket is booked in Finland.

You can select the seat/berth number if there is only one passenger with a seat/berth on the order.

   new Passengers travelling on Train No. 31/32 "Leo Tolstoy" Helsinki – Moscow are able to obtain a Tax Free Global Blue refund in cash or by credit card on the stretch between Helsinki station and Kouvola station. Global Blue staff confirm the export of goods by stamping your Tax Free Form and pay out the Tax Free refund. Tax Free forms are valid for one year from the date of issue. Passengers can also present the form to receive cash at Tax Free refund points in Russia or on the train after their next trip to Finland. A list of all Global Blue refund points can be found at





Time Stations
Departure Arrival
Allegro timetable



Moscow – Helsinki

Leo Tolstoy (daily)*
23:10 13:30 14:20
Helsinki – Moscow
Leo Tolstoy (daily)*
18:44 09:19 14:40

Times displayed are the local time in the city or town of arrival/departure.

* from September 1, 2017 will departure from Moscow 6 times a week: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, sunday;
from September 3, 2017 will departure from Helsinki 6 times a week: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, sunday.

There is e-registration avaliable for Russia – Finland trains 1 hour before train departure from Moscow.

Ticket purchase is avaliable online and at internationsl ticket offices on the territory of the Russian Federation. 


Route Stops Train number Class 1 Class 2
single return single return
Moscow – Helsinki Vainikkala 32/31 Global price
145.05 / 145.30** 290.10 / 304.60** 98.44 / 103.36** 196.88 / 206.72**
1/1 LUX 1/2 LUX
385.38 / 404.64** 770.76 / 809.28** 272.29 / 285.90** 544.58 / 571.80**

* Fare is given for each passenger. When purchasing the ticket, the price is calculated according to the current exchange rate. Current prices are displayed on the website and in international ticket offices.

** Fares from July 10 till September 4, 2017.

There is a branded lux carriage on № 32/31 "Leo Tolstoy" train that has four two-berth compartments and cafetaria.

Branded lux carriage:

  • folding sofa-berth;
  • extra upper sleeping berth;
  • air-conditioning;
  • toilet with heated floor;
  • shower cabin;
  • LCD TV;
  • DVD/VHS player.

Last update: 04.04.2018