International routes


The train № 17/18 Moscow – Nice and the train № 23/24 Moscow – Berlin – Paris shuttle wagons RIC (RIC) new modification:

The train Moscow – Berlin – Paris and Moscow – Nice shuttle cars and luxury (VIP), NE (2-seater) and coupe (4-seater) and operates the restaurant car.

Each car has air conditioning, sinks and toilets in the compartment, which can be used even while parked.

The cars are equipped with bedding, which are included in the fare.

Always at your service bottled water, tea and confectionery products, publications, souvenirs and other products.

Wagons "Lux" (VIP):

Four double sleeping compartments, one lower and one upper berth, the car posted car bar.

Each compartment:

  • The lower bed width of 110 cm.
  • Shower and toilet.
  • The socket for charging mobile phones and laptops.
  • DVD-player and plasma screen.
  • Independent air-conditioning system.
  • Bedding improved quality, bathrobe and slippers, hygiene kits (female / male).

New cars NE (1 class):

  • Eight double sleeping compartment, the bottom two places, linen laid out.
  • Bedding improved quality, extra pillow and towel.
  • Two sanitary blocks (one of them - a shower).
  • Space for luggage under the bottom shelf.
  • Independent air conditioning in each compartment.
  • Two sockets for charging mobile phones and laptops.
  • Shelves for storing small items.
  • Individual lights for each bed.
  • Information board at the ends of the cars.

New compartment cars (Class 2)

The cars are equipped with wagons similar to the NE and coupe include eight bedrooms with four beds.

Attention! In connection with repair work in Italy, train No. 17 (407) departing from Moscow on 26 December 2019 will take a shorter route to Genoa station. In the opposite direction, train No. 18 (408) will depart from Genoa station on 29 December 2019.

Passengers who have booked tickets from/to the following stations will be transported from/to Genoa station by bus: San Remo, Bordighera, Ventimiglia, Menton, Monaco, Nice.

Trains to France

Train number Route Frequency of service Weekday
17 (407)* Moscow – Nice 1 per a week Thursday
18 (408)* Nice ­– Moscow 1 per a week Sunday
23 (252)* Moscow – Paris 1 per a week Tuesday
24 (253)* Paris – Москва 1 per a week Thursday

* The train numbers used on Polish railways are shown in brackets.

You can check the timetable, fares and availability in the section "Buying tickets". Please specify the departure and destination stations, as well as the travel dates.

Passenger Information

Discounts for individual passengers

5% off the upper berths at the points of sale of Russian Railways (this discount does not apply to Single compartments);

10% off all seats/berths when the reservation is made 60 to 45 days before the train’s departure.

These discounts do not apply when booking tickets at group fares and the special “Voyage” fare.

Children’s Tickets

Tickets for children under 4 years of age who travelling with an adult passenger but without a separate seat/berth travel free of charge. Passengers can purchase a paid children’s ticket with a seat/berth if desired.

A passenger who was issued a ticket for travel in a Luxury (business) carriage at the Adult-Single fare is entitled to take no more than two children under 12 years of age free of charge (up until the day they reach that age) if non-cash tickets have been issued to them in the Russian Federation. Outside the Russian Federation, the issuance of cashless tickets for taking children is not required.

Two adult passengers travelling together can book a Luxury (business) carriage in a Double compartment at the special Adult Family fare and are entitled to take with them no more than two children under 4 years of age or one child under 12 years free of charge (up to the day that they or it reaches these ages). For each child travelling free of charge a non-cash ticket must be booked in the Russian Federation. Outside the Russian Federation non-cash tickets are not required for the transportation of children.

Transportation of pets and hand luggage

The transportation of dogs, other small pets and birds is allowed in any class, subject to payment of all the seats/berths in the compartment. Small (room) pets and birds must be transported in cages or baskets etc. No more than one dog or no more than one cage can be transported per compartment.

There is no additional charge for transporting dogs, small (room) pets and birds.

A passenger may carry easily portable items (hand luggage) free-of-charge if this is not contrary to customs or administrative rules. The total size of one piece of hand luggage measured in all three dimensions should not exceed 200 cm, while none of the sides should exceed 55 cm.

Passengers are allowed to take free of charge:

  • in first-class sleeping cars, including luxury (business) carriages, in Single compartments – no more than 100 kg of hand luggage per compartment;
  • in first class sleeping carriages, including luxury (business) carriages, in Double compartments – no more than 50 kg for each ticket with a seat/berth;
  • in second class sleeping carriages and carriages with seats for an adult passenger – no more than 36 kg and for a child up to 12 years old (until the day they reach this age) – no more than 15 kg for each ticket with a seat/berth

Buying tickets

Booking tickets is carried out on one form.

Tickets can be purchased at the international railway ticket offices along the train’s route (Russia (Russian Railways), Poland (PKP SA), the Czech Republic (CD), Austria (ÖBB), Germany (DB), France (SNCF)).

Passengers can purchase electronic tickets through the Passengers section on the website.

There is an electronic check-in service for trains.

To board the train anywhere along the route, passengers must present to the carriage’s conductor an electronic ticket (boarding pass) printed on A4 paper or its image on the screen of a mobile device, as well as the passenger identity document which is indicated on the electronic ticket.

Electronic registration is performed:

  • during the procedure of ordering electronic tickets after the Payment stage simultaneously for all passengers specified in the order;
  • again at any other time through the passenger’s Personal Account;
  • both simultaneously for all passengers specified on the order and for individual e-tickets on the order.

The cancellation of the service (refusal) of the electronic registration is carried out no later than 1 hour before the train’s departure from the starting station on the route:

  • through the website by accessing the passenger’s Personal Account;
  • by obtaining a boarding coupon (ticket) at the ticket office or self-service terminal on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Rules for ticket refunds

Tickets are refunded at the place of purchase.

At individual fares:

  • more than 6 hours prior to the train’s departure, 100% of the fare is refunded, less than 6 hours before the departure of the train, the cost of travel is not refunded.

At group rates:

  • from 60 to 15 days before the train’s departure, 100% of the fare is refunded, from 14 to 8 days before the departure of the train, 50% of the fare is refunded, less than 8 days before the departure of the train, no refund of the fare.

In the Russian Federation there is a fee of 10 euros for refunds on unused tickets.

Last update: 05.09.2019