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Between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation, train No. 34/33 runs between Moscow and St. Petersburg Tallinn.

E-registration service is available on international trains between Estonia and the Russian Federation.

Train 34/33 Moscow – St. Petersburg  Tallinn has Baltic Express brand compartment, as well as sleeping carriages, compartment and carriages with seats, and a cafeteria carriage. The train has a compartment for disabled passengers.

Ticket sale starts 60 days before departure.

Moscow – St.Petersburg – Tallinn*

Train number Stops
Moscow St. Petersburg Tallinn
22:15 05:39 06:29 12:35


Tallinn – St.Petersburg – Moscow

Train number Stops
Tallinn St. Petersburg Moscow
16:10 23:54 01:05 09:40

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Information up-to-date as of: 17.08.2018