For the Disabled

Помощь на вокзалах для инвалидов

Requests for the provision of situational assistance at railway stations are accepted by the Centre for the Promotion of Mobility at Russian Railways.

Passengers should call the Centre on telephone 8-800-510-11-11 three days before, but not less than 24 hours prior to service delivery.

At the moment, situational assistance is provided mainly at major railway stations.

The call-centre operator can specify the list of services available.

Services provided at the station when making a request include:

Парковка для инвалидов

  • meeting passengers with limited mobility at the railway station;
  • supporting the passenger to/from the train and her vehicle at the railway station and its main areas (ticket offices, waiting rooms, left luggage facilities, first-aid stations and other sanitary and maintenance facilities; passenger platforms);
  • assistance when receiving the services provided at the train station (tickets and use of left luggage facilities etc.);
  • providing a seat at the train station for a temporary stay while the passenger for her train or vehicle;
  • assistance with moving luggage;
  • assistance with boarding and leaving long-distance trains.

Note: When meeting a passenger who has made a request for assistance, the responsible station officer has the right to deny free assistance in the event of non-compliance with the information and data stated in the request (for example, the absence of obvious external signs of physical limitations, disability symptoms or, in extreme cases, the documents confirming the disability status).

In such cases, the responsible station officer can offer essential services in accordance with the established rates.

Procedure for providing individual passengers with certain types of services at railway stations:

Situational assistance at German railway stations

To enquire about the list of services and the procedure for obtaining them at stations in Germany, call Deutsche Bahn AG from Russia on + 8 1049-180-6-512-512 or fill out an online form.

Requests by phone are accepted daily from 6:00 to 22:00 (local time).