Application to Mobility Assistance Centre of OJSC Russian Railways

Applications for support and assistance to passengers with limited mobility are accepted from passengers:

  • in the I and II disability groups who suffer from persistent disorders of vision, hearing and independent movement;
  • with temporary health restrictions with severe impaired vision and who use wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and other technical means of movements and travel on a stretcher.

In the event that there is a discrepancy between the data specified on the application, in the absence of obvious external signs of physical health restrictions and documents confirming the disability or documents of the medical institution, the services shall be provided on a paid basis in accordance with the established price list.

Applications to reserve seats/berths for disabled persons on long-distance trains are accepted

from the date advance tickets go on sale:

  • for long-distance trains from disabled passengers travelling in wheelchairs (on stretchers) and passengers who do not have a disability, but are travelling on urgent visits to (from) a hospital and using a wheelchair (stretchers),
  • for Sapsan trains from disabled passengers in all categories and passengers travelling on emergency visits to (from) medical institutions in accordance with documents from medical institutions,

ten days before the train departs from passengers with all types disabilities of all categories and passengers travelling on emergency trips to / from medical institutions in cases when, for medical reasons, it is necessary to exclude contact with possible carriers of infectious diseases.