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Russian Railways JSC, in conjunction with Central Exurban Passenger Company JSCo and Moscow – Tver Suburban Passenger Company JSC, is carrying out a pilot project to assist passengers with limited mobility when boarding suburban trains in the Moscow Region.

Transport operator employees assist passengers with limited mobility who have submitted a request form to the Mobility Assistance Centre at Russian Railways.

  • When to submit a request: three days and up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Who can submit a request: passengers with Category I and Category II disabilities, passengers with long-term visual and mobility impairments, children with disabilities and passengers with temporary physical impairments, in wheelchairs or using crutches or walking aids.

Assistance is provided when boarding (alighting) the first carriage of the commuter train.

Please note. Transport operator employees will only assist in boarding and alighting the train. If you require assistance at stations and stopping points, please contact the Mobility Assistance Centre at Russian Railways.

When planning a trip, please bear in mind that boarding and/or alighting trains may be difficult or impossible during rush hour, when trains will be operating at increased capacities and may be overloaded with passengers. The main rush hours are from 6am to 9am and from 5pm to 8pm local time. It may be impossible to board the train during these periods, including for passengers in wheel chairs, and priority seats may not be available since the aisles are likely to be occupied by other passengers.

Note: Employees are within their rights to refuse assistance to a passenger with limited mobility in the event that the passenger refuses to present a valid form of identification or document issued by a healthcare facility upon request if there are no visible signs that the person has a physical disability, as well as in cases where the passenger is in breach of the peace.

Below is the pilot list of stations where transport operator employees assist passengers with limited mobility to board and alight the first carriage of trains: