Branded trains

Branded train - a train with high quality service and a wide range of services.

The schedule of such a train is developed taking into account the most convenient time of departure and arrival at the final station or the shortest travel time.

The first branded train appeared more than 80 years ago. It was the "Red arrow" train. He made his first flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow in June 1931.

October 30, 2013 on the route Adler – Moscow in the first flight went branded train, formed of modern double-Decker cars.

The geography of running of branded trains, formed of double-Decker cars, is constantly expanding. In 2015, new branded trains, formed of two-storey cars, began to run: № 5/6 message St. Petersburg – Moscow, № 23/24 message Moscow – Kazan, № 45/46 message Moscow – Voronezh.

Since may 28, 2016 the company runs a two-storey train № 35/36 "Northern Palmyra" message St. Petersburg – Adler.

Today, passengers can use the services of 82 branded trains.

Routes and timetable of trains

The train schemes described in the descriptions may vary depending on the season. More accurate information about the scheme of the train look at a specific date in the ticket purchase.