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Dear Passengers! Due to the sales method of the Polish railway system, 12 seats/berths for train No. 10 Warsaw-Moscow Polonaise are on sale on the website of OJSC Russian Railways. The sale of the remaining seats/berths on this train is carried out through international ticket offices. In the absence of available seats/berths on the site, please contact an international ticket office.

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Trains to Poland

Train number Route Frequency of service
9 (TLK 9)* Moscow – Warsaw "Polonaise" 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays until December 6
10 (TLK 10)* Warsaw – Moscow "Polonaise" 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays until December 7
27 (D27)* Moscow – Prague daily from December 15 
115 (IC 130)* Prague – Moscow daily from December 17
13 (EN 440)* Moscow – Berlin "Strizh" 2 times a week on Fridays and Sundays
14 (EN 441)* Berlin – Moscow "Strizh" 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Sundays
17 (EN 409)* Moscow – Nice 1 time a week on Thursdays
18 (EN 408)* Nice – Moscow 1 time a week on Mondays
21 (EN 404)* Moscow – Prague "Vltava" 1 time a week on Mondays until December 9
22 (EN 405)* Prague – Moscow "Vltava" 1 time a week on Wednesdays until December 11
23 (EN 452)* Moscow – Paris 1 time a week on Tuesdays
24 (EN 453)* Paris – Moscow 1 time a week on Fridays

* The train numbers used on Polish railways are shown in brackets.

Services to the following stations are available: Warsaw, Poznan, Rzepin, Terespol, Bohumin, Chalupki, Mińsk Mazowiecki, Siedlce, Luków, Międzyrzec Podlaski, Biała Podlaska, Malaszewicze.

You can check the timetable, fares and availability in the section "Buying tickets". Please specify the departure and destination stations, as well as the travel dates.


Passenger Information:

In the absence of empty seats on the website, please contact the international ticket office.

Train No. 9/10 Polonaise is formed on a parity basis by the Federal Passenger Company. The carriages are designed for speeds of up to 200 kph. The trains are equipped with environmentally friendly toilets.

The train consists of RIC carriages with the new modified sleeping carriages (2-berth) and compartments (4-berth). A buffet car is available on the Moscow – Brest – Moscow section.

New sleeping carriages (1 class):

  • Eight double-berth sleeper compartment, two lower berths, bed made;
  • Superior bedding, extra pillow and terry towel;
  • Two sanitary units (with a shower in one);
  • Places for luggage under the seats/berths;
  • Independent air conditioning system in each compartment;
  • Two sockets for recharging mobile phones and laptops;
  • Shelves for storing small items;
  • Individual lighting for each berth;
  • Information display at the ends of the carriages.

New compartment carriages (2 class):

The carriages are equipped similarly to sleeper carriages and include eight compartments with four berths.


Last update: 29.11.2019