For the Disabled

ramp for disabledThe company "Russian Railways" offers comfortable access to long-distance trains for passengers with disabilities.

Russian Railways has 683 carriages with special compartments (including 27 double-decker carriages) equipped with everything required to facilitate the journey of people with health problems.

Entrance to the car is equipped with a lift for disabled people, through which passengers can get in both the high and low platform without leaving the wheelchair.

Double compartments wider than standard compartments. These double compartments are equipped with special auxiliary belts which allow the passenger to move into the armchair unaided. The berth can be placed in any position for the passenger's convenience. The increased width of the doorways and the corridor allows the passenger to move freely in her wheelchair.

For the blind and visually impaired passengers low lying switches, sockets, call buttons conductor plates equipped with a relief to read the text with your fingers and a special sound device, telling the necessary information. The automated system allows communication in an emergency, call the conductor.

The toilet is also larger than normal. It installed additional handrails, and lighting and sound board for passengers who have trouble seeing or hearing.

When more than one passenger with limited mobility is travelling in a carriage, "Start" wheelchairs are available to help persons with disabilities move around carriages and compartments equipped with lifts.

Buy a ticket to a specialized compartment can be on hand for them, or at any ticket office of point of sale to the granting of the right to an extraordinary service.

In the event that there are no carriages with priority seats, passengers in wheelchairs or on stretchers can request that a carriage with priority seats be added to the train by contacting the Mobility Assistance Centre at Russian Railways (contact details and conditions for submitting an application).

Trains that operate cars with two-berth compartments specially designed for passengers confined to wheelchairs