Moscow Central Ring

The Moscow Central Ring offers passenger services using high-speed Lastochka (ES2G) electric trains operated by the Directorate of High Speed Services at Russian Railways. The trains consist of 5 carriages and have a total length of 130m.

The carriages have modern doors to provide a tight seal and prevent the ingress of cold, dust and rain into the cabin. All passengers will feel comfortable, including those with limited mobility and passengers with prams, luggage and bicycles. Carriages without vestibules allow passengers to board and disembark quickly and conveniently.

The cabins are equipped with panoramic windows with heat-insulating properties, soft chairs and an information board indicating the route, the next stop and the cabin and outside temperatures. These electric trains are equipped with convenient route indicators at the front of the head carriages and on the sides of the carriages. The shelves for hand luggage are fitted with 220V AC sockets to charge mobile phones and other devices.

The train's head carriages are fitted with toilet facilities with biotoilets (one per car) equipped with special equipment for physically challenged passengers.

All carriages will be equipped with a climate control system and Internet access (Wi-Fi).

The design of the Lastochka electric train meets the highest standards of ergonomics and safety. The body is made from an aluminium section. The lightweight design reduces energy consumption. The decision of Russian Railways to select trains with electric traction and the electrification of the Moscow Central Ring will improve significantly the ecological situation in the city and increase its attractiveness to the surrounding territories and "catchment areas."

Air suspension gives passengers a feeling of comfort and the trains themselves are very quiet in motion, thus greatly reducing noise pollution to the surrounding areas.