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Suburban trains timetable
Site does not provide for booking e-tickets free of charge for children up to 5 years of age without occupying a separate place accompanied by adults from stations on the territory of Ukraine.
In the case of trains departing from Ukraine, fares are not yet determined when the passenger is obtaining information about the availability of places. The fare only becomes accessible just before the passenger pays for the e-ticket. From 1 March 2015, Russian internal passports and birth certificates are invalid for entering, transiting, remaining in and travelling on the territory of Ukraine. A Russian international passport is necessary for these purposes.

If the electronic registration is not passed or not available, you should acquire your boarding pass at ticket offices or self-service terminals on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Dear passengers! We advise you to consider all the rules concerning passport, visa and customs rules about passenger and luggage. The carrier is not responsible and not entitled to control passenger’s obedience. For more information on crossing the border of the Russian Federation and foreign countries please contact migration, border and customs service of the arrival country as well as each country on the route.

Attention! There are some features for booking e-tickets in the direction of Finland - Russia
. If you don't see trains - uncheck "Only with tickets" and then click "Schedule»
. To see the cost of the trip, you must choose coach and enter the personal details of the passenger. After that, the ticket price and other additional information will be displayed.
Please note: electronic ticket purchase on suburban trains is limited.
Site does not provide for booking e-tickets on trains to (from) Kaliningrad region transiting through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

E-registration service is available on the trains/cars marked with "ЭР" icon.

If the price range is seting for the selected carriage, the price's change depending on the type of seat / berth (upper-upper lateral-lower) - for 3-class open coach compartment, 2-class sleeping compartment and 1-class sleeping carriages of "Express" train; for De Luxe carriages and 1-class sleeping compartment of "Strizh" - is depending on the number of passengers in the compartment (1 or 2).

Price on “Sapsan”, №711/712 “Lastochka” St.Petersburg – Novgorod, St.Petersburg – Bologoe as well as price on trains marked with the “ДЦ” icon changes automatically according to current demand and departure date and is not considered a public offer.

If you order both tickets for your round trip on the “Sapsan” train, you will have 20% discount on your return ticket automatically generated while ordering.

Passenger transportation rules

On the train without icon "ЭР" not available e-registration. Obtain your boarding pass on a ticket form at a ticket office or at a self-service terminal on the territory of Russian Federation.